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Our Heritage

It was over three decades ago that the first JOHN FRIEDA salon opened on New Cavendish Street, London. From the beginning, in order to provide the best hair care possible, the brand set out to create meaningful partnerships with its clients. Because of this revolutionary spirit and an instinctual understanding of women, it didn’t take long for the salon to become the destination for celebrities, beauty experts and discerning customers.

But that was just the beginning. In 1989, after years of research, the innovative Frizz Ease hair serum was launched. Frizz Ease promised glossy, pin-straight hair for the masses—and when it delivered, it landed a spot in Allure magazine’s “Cosmetic Hall of Fame” and was named InStyle’s “Product of the Decade.”

Never content to rest, our hair-care experts continued to pioneer innovative lines into the early ’90s. In addition to Frizz Ease, the brand now boasts seven other product lines including:

  • Sheer Blonde
  • Brilliant Brunette
  • Radiant Red
  • Beach Blonde
  • Luxurious Volume
  • Full Repair
  • Precision Foam Colour

As women’s needs evolve, more advanced products will continue to emerge, begging the question—what will we come up with next?

Today, the brand that blazed the trail for an entire industry hasn’t slowed down. Our team of experts continues to formulate products that make the impossible possible, and our partnerships with you continue to shine. And while our heritage may be in the salon, we know that our products are in your home. That’s why each one is created with this in mind:

Your vision + our expertise = endless styling possibilities

So although each JOHN FRIEDA product was designed to give you what you need to be the best version of yourself—without your vision the products couldn’t thrive. Together, we make even the impossible possible. Together, we will do great things.