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Frizz Ease Volume Shine Rotating Hot Air Styler

Styling Tools Frizz Ease Volume Shine Rotating Hot Air Styler

  • The John Frieda Volume Shine air styler is a professional rotating air styler that is ideal for creating volume, shape and body and giving your hair a beautiful, high shine finish.
  • This 700W styler has 2 heat settings plus a cool setting to finish your style while 2 rotation speeds give total styling control boosting volume and adding shape to your hair.
  • The large 42mm titanium-ceramic barrel is the ideal size for adding root lift and shape to fringes, layered hair and shorter styles.
  • Super ionic technology releases a stream of negative ions to surround and condition each strand of hair, neutralising static smoothing the hairs cuticle and reducing frizz so you are left with hair that looks and feels smooth and shiny with the body and shape of a salon-quality blow dry.
  • Product Code: 2778U


  • 1. Blow dry hair using a hair dryer until it is around 80% dry.
  • 2. Select the best heat and rotation speed for your hair type using the slide switch. Select setting ‘I’ for a lower heat and slower rotation speed - this is ideal for shorter, finer hair. If you have longer or thicker hair, select setting ‘II’ for a hotter and faster rotation speed.
  • 3. To create volume at the roots, take a section of hair and use the brush to lift the hair at the roots.
  • 4. To create shape at the ends of the hair, run the brush from the root to the ends. As you reach the end of the hair hold the appropriate rotation button so the brush spins away from your head.
  • 5. As the brush rotates, resist the spin of the brush by pulling the brush downwards. This will create tension through the section of hair to smooth and shape the ends.
  • 6. To set your style, move the slide switch to the cool position, and use the brush through the section of hair. The cool air helps to set and finish your style. Note: When the styler is used on the cool setting, the brush will not rotate.
  • 7. Repeat as necessary on all sections of hair.
  • 8. Switch the styler off by switching the slide switch to the ‘0’ position. Remove from the socket, allow to cool and place the protective shield over the brush head to protect the bristles, before storing away.
  • 700W
  • 42mm titanium-ceramic barrel with soft brush bristles
  • High shine ionic conditioning
  • 2 heats plus a cool setting
  • 2 rotation speeds for total control
  • Multi-directional brush
  • Hinged rear filter
  • Protective cover
  • 2.5m longer length cord
  • What's Included:
    1 x John Frieda Rotating Hot Air Styler
    1Information Booklet