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French Pleat

French Pleat

How to get this look

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  • Step 1: Prep the hair.  On towel dried hair, apply some Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse from root to tip.  TOP TIP: to get even distribution of the mousse apply it to a vent brush and then comb it through the hair, rather than applying the mousse directly to the hair.  
  • Step 2: Lift up your hair.  Apply some Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion to the hair, taking section by section and spraying it at the roots.  Dry the hair with a hairdryer, creating root lift with the help of a vent brush to lift the roots away from the scalp as you’re drying each section.  TOP TIP: if you don’t have the right brush then you can just use your fingers.  You can also flip your head upside down when drying the hair to create root lift.  Once the hair is 80% dry, take a 6cm wide piece from the centre-front of your hairline.  Comb the section up away from the head so that the hair is smooth and taught and then wind the section around a medium-sized Velcro roller, starting at the ends and working down towards the root.  Repeat this Velcro roller process with multiple sections so that you cover the crown and hairline with rollers.  Leave the rollers to cool down and set for 20 minutes or so.
  • Step 3: Create the pleat.  Undo all the Velcro rollers and tease the hair back off the face gently using your fingers.  Now take the centre-front hairline section of hair, about 6cm wide and 2cm thick, and pull the piece taught away from your head.  Using a fine toothed comb, begin to backcomb by pulling the comb along the hair back towards the scalp, in the opposite direction to the way the hair is growing.  Focus only on the 3-4cm nearest to the scalp – you don’t need to backcomb the lengths of the hair.  Repeat this with more sections so that the full area at the hairline and crown is backcombed.  Spritz a little Brilliant Brunette Maximum Hold Hairspray (or Sheer Blonde Crystal Hold Hairspray) all over.  Use a grooming brush to gently smooth the hairline hair back away from the face, and then pull all your hair back to create a flattened ponytail at the back of your head (medium height) holding it with one hand.  With the other hand twist the ponytail towards the scalp so it twists in on itself.  Then poke the loose ends underneath the twisted wrap and tuck them in with a long hair grip or two. 
  • Step 4: add the finishing touches.  Spritz the French pleat with a little Brilliant Brunette Maximum Hold Hairspray (or Sheer Blonde Crystal Hold Hairspray).  Massage a small drop of Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Shine Shock Perfecting Glosser into your palms and gently smooth them through the front of your hair.
  • Items used in this look: Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse, Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion, vent brush, John Frieda hairdryer, medium-sized Velcro rollers, fine toothed comb, Brilliant Brunette Maximum Hold Hairspray, long hair grips.

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